Information for Building Professionals

Value Engineering: An Integral Part of Our Process

At Salado, every project and every estimate is value-engineered to ensure that design standards are met and materials integrity is assured. Often minimal changes to the original specification can equate to decreased labor, material and shipping charges, resulting in significant savings.

We orchestrate the entire process so that you receive prompt estimates, the materials you need, with delivery when and how you need the stone. And our superior quality control will contribute to finishing your project on time, on budget, as imagined.

  • We begin with your drawings and/or a discussion of your vision for the project. 
  • We will review your specifications with you, and make suggestions on ways to value engineer the project to help you realize efficiencies relating to cost, lead times, transportation, and jobsite management. 
  • Throughout the process, from initial discussions through final delivery, we will work collaboratively with you, your clients and installers so we have a thorough understanding of the major targets for completion. Our goal is to always contribute to the success of the project. 
  • You'll have access to a variety of resources to help you narrow down your choices for stone for your project, from our product selector on this website to our print catalog, state-of-the-art digital product scans in several formats for your library, and images of completed projects.
  • Based on your choices, we’ll send you physical samples and provide any additional consultation you need to make your final selection.
  • With purchase order in hand, we move on to quarrying and fabrication. 
  • When your stone is ready for shipping, we can help coordinate transportation so that the material is there when you need it.
  • At Salado, we do it right, or we make it right. We stand behind our product and, if there is ever a problem, we will fix it. We have your back and we do what we say.

The Lengths We Go To...

While most projects are straightforward, some require extensive planning and incredible attention to detail. Clients who have worked with Salado on large, complex, lengthy projects trust us with future projects based on their positive experiences.

For the construction of a large hospital, which won an award for its masonry, the architects specified an intricate design of smooth-faced and chopped stone that, when laid together, looked like incredibly large blocks in a defined pattern (a section is shown at left). Each piece was designed and produced with attention to its individual location in the pattern. A large portion of them required reveals being cut into the stone so that when finally installed, they contribute to the overall visual aesthetic of much larger panels.

The production and delivery schedule was then created to support the project timeline by specifying distinct stones (sizes, finishes, reliefs) on particular shipments. Construction took a year and a half, and throughout the process, we ensured that the masonry crews onsite had the required material they needed, when they needed it, working on a discreet elevation.

Site Visits and Continuing Education

Many architects and designers have visited one or more of our quarry and fabrication facilities over the years to be inspired watching the stone as it is removed from the earth and moves through refining processes. Seeing the stone in various forms in its original environment has lead to many innovative and inspiring design decisions. 

In lieu of making an actual trip to the quarry, we’ve partnered with the Marble Institute of America and the Building Stone Institute to offer a one-hour continuing education course for professionals. The presentation titled “Working Effectively and Efficiently with Quarries, Limestone and Sandstone” is a visually-rich presentation that explains some of the basic geology, then shows stone in its natural state as it moves through various stages of extraction and fabrication. The course is always well received and qualifies for both AIA and LACES credits. Typically we provide the course in a "lunch and learn" setting, and we’re happy to provide lunch.

In addition to the course we’ve developed, our certified instructor has access to a robust library of other topics relating to natural stone that qualify for CE credits, that have been developed by our industry organizations and community.

Please contact us if you or a group from your office would like a tour—or if you would like us to come to your office. Click here to email us.

Note: Another excellent source for information about natural stone is the Natural Stone Council.

Technical Information

For technical information about our stone, see Technical Guidelines.